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Interior Or Exterior Buildings – Carports Or Garages?

Updated: Apr 15

Does your property need an enclosed garage, or an open carport?

At AJ’s Carports and Garages, we excel in building both of these types of structures, and we specialize in either type of design for your home or other property.

When you're deciding on one of these structures, it's a good idea to ballpark the size that you need, and think about whether you need a particular design to be enclosed or not. This will prevent some unpleasant surprises after the project is done.

Storage Considerations

One of the biggest reasons to enclose a structure like a garage is to be able to keep a greater diversity of items (or, in other words, different kinds of stuff) inside.

If you're only going to be storing vehicles, a carport can work pretty well and help you to avoid a lot of additional cost.

However, for most kinds of smaller inventory or cargo, storing in a carport just isn't adequate because of the weather. Rain or snow can drift in, and anything from corrosion to wind can be a problem. There’s also a value in having an enclosed space for parties or events.

Costs of Enclosure

On the other hand, if you do decide to enclose a structure, you may be dealing with a lot of additional cost. You may be more than doubling the cost of the project, because of some costs which you might not anticipate.

For example, it doesn't cost that much, on average, to add siding to a structure. What does cost a lot is high-quality functional sliding or garage doors. The engineering of the doors themselves can be costly, and the installation and operational maintenance can also create more cost.

Think about this issue before designing an enclosed structure.

Practical Siding

If you are going to get siding for a structure, what will you choose? Will it be aluminum, vinyl, or something high-end like wood or slate?

Most property owners reject items like wood or slate out of hand because of maintenance costs. Aluminum or vinyl can both be excellent modern solutions, and we have the professional equipment and acumen to install them well.

Take a look at the website for more on how we create stellar, well-engineered carport and garage designs for local property owners. We can help consult on everything from the costs to logistics and help you to put the best addition in place for your property. Go with a company with a great track record in the local area, and you’ll love what you end up with!

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